From 2014-2020, the UK benefitted from €111 million of Creative Europe funding.

This included:

  • €29 million through the Culture sub-programme
  • €80.5 million through the MEDIA sub-programme (€36 million of which helped distribute UK films in other European countries)
  • €1.5 million through the Cross-Sector strand

For further detail and information on selected projects you can read our five results reports which are available on the publications page of this website and on Issu: 2014-15, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019-20.

There are more details on the UK's Culture and MEDIA sub-programme results, as well as cross-sector results. You can also find details about Creative Europe-supported projects involving UK organisations in our Funded Projects database.

Reports detailing the levels of support in England, Scotland, Wales (including a version in Welsh) and Northern Ireland are also available.


Further research into the impact of this funding for UK cultural, creative and audiovisual companies and organisations can be found in the following: