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Key areas of focus

Education, training and skill development


The PEACE Programme is unique amongst the whole of Europe and was created in 1995 as a direct result of the European Union’s desire to make a positive response to the opportunities presented by developments in the Northern Ireland peace process during the ceasefires of 1994/95. Since then it has committed approximately €2.26 billion worth of funding to Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland (figure published in 2016). 

PEACE IV succeeds the PEACE III Programme, which ran from 2007-2013 and was part-funded by the European Union (€225 million from the EU with further national contributions of €108 million) through its Structural and Investment Funds programme. 

Key facts

PEACE IV supports peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland. This cross-border cooperation programme, one of the four PEACE programmes taking place in the EU, has a budget of €269 million, supports activity in four key areas:

  • €30 million for shared education projects, encouraging schools to engage in joint education activities and providing training for teachers. 
  • €57 million for peer mentoring and local community youth initiatives to increase the interaction between children and young people from all backgrounds. 
  • €84.5 million for the creation of new shared services and spaces such as interventions for victims and survivors of the conflict.
  • €44 million for local sports, arts and culture projects that build mutual trust and understanding. 

€229 million of the budget comes from the European Regional Development Fund and, together with the national co-financing from UK and Ireland, more than €2.2 billion is set to be invested.

Applications can be submitted from a wide range of organisations including local authorities, public bodies, and voluntary and community sector organisations (subject to eligibility checks). 

Relevant region(s)

Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland. The eligible areas of the PEACE programme can be seen on the SEUPB website. 

UK contact point(s)

PEACE IV is managed by the SEUPB – The Special EU Programmes Body. The SEUPB have offices in Belfast, Monaghan and Omagh.