Interreg V-B: Transnational co-operation

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Key areas of focus

Economic Growth
Environment and climate change
Research and innovation


Interreg B works at pan-European level, covering all EU Member States, and more. It builds networks to develop good practice and facilitate the exchange and transfer of experience by successful regions. It showcases what regions do well, to the benefit of those still investing.

Interreg B covers 15 cooperation programmes. It is delivered through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with €2.1 billion for the period 2014-2020.

There are four cooperation programmes relevant to the UK in the Interreg B programme:

Key Facts: North West Europe

The North West Europe sub-strand has €396 million available. Priorities include:

  • to enhance innovation performance of enterprises
  • to implement low-carbon solutions
  • to optimise (re)use of material and resources

Key Facts: North Sea

The North Sea sub-strand has €167 million to invest. Priorities include:

  • increase long-term innovation levels in the region
  • accelerate the greening of the North Sea Region economy
  • promote climate change resilience and sustainable management of North Sea eco-systems
  • to promote sustainable transport and remove bottlenecks in key network infrastructures

Key Facts: Atlantic Area

The Atlantic Area sub-strand has €140 million to invest. Priorities include:

  • stimulate innovation and competitiveness in the region
  • promote green economic growth
  • strengthen climate change resilience
  • protect biodiversity and enhance ecosystems

Key Facts: Northern Periphery

The Northern Periphery sub-strand has €55 million to invest. Priorities include:

  • Using innovation to maintain and develop robust and competitive communities
  • Promoting entrepreneurship to realise the potential of the programme area’s competitive advantage
  • Fostering energy-secure communities through promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Protecting, promoting and developing cultural and natural heritage

Relevant Region(s)

North West Europe - covers the whole of the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and most of Germany, Netherlands and Northern France.

North Sea Area - covers areas in the eastern parts of the UK as well as Norway and Denmark, parts of Flanders, North Western Germany, North Western Netherlands and South Western Sweden.

Atlantic Area - covers areas in the western parts of England and Wales, Ireland, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Scotland, France and Spain.

Northern Periphery- covers South Western Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway) and the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland (excluding Belfast and Outer Belfast) as well as parts of Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Non EU member states the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway.

UK Contact Points

North West Europe

North Sea Area

Atlantic Area

Northern Periphery