Destination Viking - Saga Lands


Project title

Destination Viking - Saga Lands

Project Duration

2002 - 2005

Total project grant


Number of partners in project


Lead partners

Institute of Regional Development (Iceland)


Bláskógabyggd Municipality

Institute of Prehistoric Technology

Narsaq Museum

Borgarfjörður Cultural Centre

Dalabyggð Municipality

Gene Fornby Foundation

Grettistak ses

Lofotr AS

Narsaq Tourist Office

National Museum of the Faroe Islands

Orkney Islands Council

Reykjanes marketing and development agency

Shetland Amenity Trust

The Avaldsnes Project, Karmoy Kommune

The Faroe Islands Tourist Board

Troms County Municipality, County Department of Cultural Affairs

Westfjords Development Agency

EU Funding Opportunity

Interreg V-B: Transnational co-operation

Destination Viking Sagalands aimed to re-establish links between countries by reviving the tradition of saga storytelling.

The project brought together partners in Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Orkney, Shetland, the Isle of Man, Northern Norway and Northern Sweden to develop a borderless tourism destination focusing on the Viking world.

Interreg funding was used to create a number of Saga Trails that encouraged the public to connect with regional Viking history. The project encouraged community participation, promoted social inclusion and aimed to add value to cultural landscape management. The Sagalands project published a saga map and a collection of traditional oral stories from the countries participating in the project.

The project was taken forward by the Destination Viking Association, including the management and promotion of the Viking Cultural Route and the maintenance of social media and web-based applications.

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