Ceramic destinations for sustainable tourism

City of Stoke-on-Trent


Project title

Ceramic destinations for sustainable tourism

Project Duration

2013 - 2014

Project date

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Number of partners in project


Lead partners

City of Limoges (France)


City of Stoke-on-Trent (United Kingdom)

City of Faenza (Italy)

City of Delft (Netherlands)

City of Höhr-Grenzhausen (Germany)

Porzellanikon Museum of Selb (Germany)

Anderen Limited (United Kingdom)

EU Funding Opportunity


The Ceramic Destinations for Sustainable Tourism project aimed to improve the attractiveness of renowned ceramic territories and to promote them as high-quality destinations by developing a tourism offer which capitalised on this specific industrial and cultural heritage.

The initiative brought together seven partners across Europe to address common challenges and opportunities including profitability vs sustainability; the balance between heritage and innovation; the issue of seasonality; and developing products for emerging markets (e.g. China).

The creation of the European Route of Cermaics aimed to create a sustainable and competitive tourism offer and to make ceramic heritage more accessible to European citizens by promoting a dynamic image of this heritage, both physical, with objects used in several sectors (culinary arts, medicine, architecture, etc.) and intangible, including the know-how and crafts necessary for its production.

Activity revolved around the formation of a Ceramic Tourism network, the creation of transnational tourism projects and promoting a competitive tourism offer to emerging markets.