What to expect from week one of TRANSFORM!

On Monday our virtual conference TRANSFORM! gets underway and we're excited to share a sneak preview of the first week of our programme. 

All the 'sessions' will be published on our dedicated site - TRANSFORM! with Creative Europe Desk UK - where you can also find out from our welcome address why we've taken the conference online, how to attend and who's expected to contribute! 

Without further ado, here's what's in store next week:

  • Will Saunders on what it means to work digitally

An independent media consultant and executive producer, as well as industry lead at StoryFutures and one of the chief architects of the BBC’s digital transformation, Will kicks off our virtual conference with his thoughts on how cultural and audiovisual organisations can respond positively to change, unlock new opportunities and embrace a digital work ethic. 

  • Beyond Borders: How i-Portunus transformed my work

Hear from a range of visual artists who took part in Creative Europe's pilot mobility scheme, from countries such as the UK, Italy and Ukraine. Find out how cross-border collaborations transformed their practice, nurtured innovation and reached audiences in unexpected places. 

  • BFI NETWORK meets ACE Producers 

Caragh Davison of BFI NETWORK and Jacobine van der Vloed of ACE Producers sat down over Skype to swap notes about their respective training programmes for filmmakers and talk about rule-breaking, match-making and why you should always keep applying! 

  • What does 'challenge' mean to you?

During the Edinburgh festivals earlier this year we asked an all-star panel of arts leaders and changemakers to sum up what 'challenge' means for their work, what barriers the cultural and creative sector faces, and how we can address these in the future for positive changes. Featuring Dawn Walton (Founder of Eclipse Theatre Company, Jean Cameron (British Council, Creative Director, UK/Italy Season 2020), Sam Trotman (Director, Scottish Sculpture Workshop), Mia Ternström (Project Manager, Keychange) and Emma Connors (Arts Development Manager, axis:Ballymun).

  • In conversation with Alex Stolz

Alex is a senior executive, strategist and broadcaster with over 18 years experience across film, TV and digital. We host a very special takeover of his Film Disruptors podcast to ask him about his role as Head of Film at the film ticketing and analytics platform Usheru, what defines a film disruptor and how as an industry we can incentivise innovation. 

We encourage you to leave comments on the website, ask questions and tweet us @CEDUK_MEDIA and @CEDUK_Culture throughout the conference using #TRANSFORM #CreativeEurope and continue the conversation online.