Photo from the EAVE Producer's workshop 2014

Watch an EAVE session on producing drama series

Within the framework of its Producers Workshop in Strasbourg (France), Creative Europe-funded European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) organised a TV Drama Day on 21 October 2015, which was live-streamed on their website.

For those that might have missed the streaming, the session is available to view until 2 November 2015. Catch up on the talks to find out what some of the key players in Nordic TV drama had to say about what it takes for independent producers to move from feature film to television production. In a separate video, you can discover the points of view and modus operandi of the broadcasters - their vision, global trends and outlook on the future.

The EAVE TV Drama Day featured Marianne Gray from Yellow Bird (Sweden), Camilla Hammerich from DR (Denmark), EAVE graduate Sandra Harms from Miso Film Sverige (Sweden) and Liselott Forsman from Yle (FInland).

The event was moderated by producer Andrea Reuter (Sweden). She said: "I find it very exciting that drama series from the Nordic countries are growing more and more popular around the globe, with both original versions and remake rights sold widely. What are the Scandinavians doing right, what are the coming trends in the region and what are the areas that still need improving? These are some of the topics I delve into with some of the sharpest minds in the Nordic drama world."

The full videos of the sessions are available for a limited time on the EAVE website.

Photo: The EAVE Producer's workshop 2014