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UK project selected for genre film training programme

Alex Madia Levi’s supernatural drama The Base has been selected for the second edition of the Creative Europe-supported European Genre Forum training programme.

Jointly organised by Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival, Imagine Film Festival, Black Nights Film Festival and Screen Division, the programme aims to connect and boost the careers of professionals working in European genre film and to provide them with comprehensive cross-sector and film life cycle training.

The selected projects are:

  • Birds of a Feather by Hanna Bergholm (Finland)
  • Fingernail by Boaz Armoni (Israël)
  • No Man’s Land by Mel Piper (Germany)
  • Spinners by Ivars Tontegode (Latvia)
  • The Base  by Alex Madia Levi (United Kingdom)
  • The Descendant by Colinda Bongers (The Netherlands)
  • The Hike by Daniel Rübesam (Germany)
  • The Plague Doctor by Michael O’Connor (Germany)

Participants will attend three talent labs over the year: The Director’s Lab at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam (April); the Producer’s Lab at Fantastic Zagreb (July); and a Marketing and Packaging Lab during Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn (November).

The European Genre Forum (EFG) is aimed at first or second feature director/producer teams developing a genre film project and is funded through Creative Europe’s Training scheme.

Find out more on the EFG website.