UK Producers selected for IDFA Forum

The MEDIA-funded IDFA Forum has announced their selection with 63 projects from all over the world. The event, which will take place online 16-20 November 2020, will comprehend a series of events including the Doc Lab Forum, a live online project presentation, one-to-one meetings, expert meetings for observers and other social events yet to be announced.

Documentary filmmakers will have the opportunity to expand their international networks and meet key decisions makers, producers and doc stakeholders from around the world.

Among the projects, 13 projects with UK involvement have been selected:

  • Diktatura, directed by Sindi Breshani is a UK/Albania co-production about the true stories of those who experienced the fifty years long Albanian repressive regime told through the lens of a fictional state informant.
  • Fashion Remimagined, directed by Becky Hunter, it is about Vogue fashion price winner Amy Powney at the centre of a growing global movement to make the fashion industry sustainable.
  • Future Rites, directed by Sandra Rodriguez and Alexander Whitley is a multi-user VR and live dance experience based on the seminal ballet the Rite Of Spring.
  • F@ck This Job, directed by Vera Krichevskaya is about a newly rich woman who decides to open an independent TV station in 2008 in Putin’s Russia to demand justice and how by 2002 she has lost everything, but continues the fight.
  • The Garden of Ghost Flowers, directed by Lundahl & Seiti uses VR to create a virtual, floral, bio-hybrid life-form, which exists and evolves in symbiosis with collective human behaviour.
  • Hide and Seek (Nascondino), directed by Victoria Fiore, the story follows  four years in the life of ‘Scugnizzo’ streetkid Eroni and his grandmother Dora among the narrow streets of Naples during a critical state crackdown on families of organised crime.
  • Inside: A Journey into the World of Outsider Artist Judith Scott, directed by Sache Wares, this is a UK/Canada co-production in the form of an exhibition which brings to life the biography of Judith Scott through installation and virtual reality film.
  • Is There Anybody Out There?, directed by Ella Glendining, it is about a young woman with a rare disability who searches for others with the same condition, when her journey takes an unexpected turn.
  • Love and Seawater, directed by Lisa Harewood, this is an emotive VR non-fiction experience of an invisible aspect of Caribbean migrant culture – the indefinite separation of parents from their children.
  • One in A Million, directed by Jack Macinnes and Itab Azzam, the documentary is set against the backdrop of the largest migration since WWII, following one girl’s turbulent transformation from an 11-year-old selling cigarettes on a Turkish street into an 18-year-old German woman.
  • People You May Know, directed by Katharina Gellein Viken, the documentary explores political alliances between religious fundamentalists, oligarchs, Cambridge Analytica and its entities that fundamentally shifted the balance of U.S. politics.
  • There Exists, directed by Anrick Bregman, is a 5-part VR experience about ‘forgotten journeys’ about people who have crossed the continents through choice or by force, and have started living new lives against odds.
  • Young Plato, directed by Neasa Ni Chianainand and Declan J McGrath is a UK/Irish co-production about poverty, drugs and the IRA through the lens of Ancient Greek wisdom philosophers, igniting hope in the heart of the Belfast housing Estate community.

Visit the website to read about all the 63 selected projects