UK distributors awarded over €500,000 for releasing European films

In the latest results from the Distribution: Automatic scheme, which rewards distributors for releasing European films from another country (non-national films), eight UK distributors receive a total of €536,906.

Three of these distributors are receiving Creative Europe funding for the first time: Wiserealm, Entertainment Film Distribution and Signature Entertainment, and the overall amount awarded to the UK has increased in 2016 from 2015. Countries that received similar totals include Sweden (€577,885), Denmark (€564,144) and Czech Republic (€594,195).

Altogether, €24 million has been allocated to 279 European distributors, with the largest proportion of grants going to France, where distributors received over €4 million, followed by Germany and Italy, where nearly €2.7 million has been awarded to each country. The highest number of supported distributors are from France (34) followed by Germany (24). French distributor Le Pacte and Austrian distributor Constantin, received the largest total grants (over €700,000 each).

A number of UK films have their European releases supported through this round of funding, including I, Daniel Blake, This Beautiful Fantastic, A Quiet Passion and Hampstead.

Distributors can use the funding to pay for minimum guarantees and/or the prints and advertising (P&A) costs of their new European, non-national acquisitions.

Read the full set of results (Call number 9/2016) on the European Commission’s website.

Image: Elle by Paul Verhoeven is released in the UK by Picturehouse Entertainment in March 2017 with the support of the Automatic distribution scheme.