ace 30

Two UK producers selected for ACE 30

ACE has announced the 18 producers selected to participate in the 30th edition of its ACE Session training programme (2020-21), supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Training scheme, and who will go on to join the ACE Network.

The selected producers will attend three workshops with a project in development. The first will be dedicated to content development, and will take place online in early October with carefully tailored sessions which will aim to stimulate and engage the producers in an online environment. The second will take place in Belgrade focusing on financial strategies, and the third in Amsterdam focusing on business strategies.

The two UK producers selected are:

  • Jacqui Davies of Primitive Film, working on After London directed by Ben Rivers
  • Brian J. Falconer of Out of Orbit, working on Harvesting directed by Michael Lennox

Jacqui Davies, producer of award-winning Ray & Liz, was also selected to attend our Creative Europe Desk UK Co Production Weekender in September 2019. 

Brian J. Falconer’s credits as producer include Ordinary Love, starring Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson.

The ACE Sessions Annual Reunion 2021 will be held in Edinburgh, with the support of Screen Scotland, after the postponement of the 2020 edition which was due to be held there.

Find out more about ACE Sessions in our blog interview with UK producer Emily Morgan on her participation in ACE 28.

The selected ACE 30 producers and projects are as follows, and you can read more on the ACE website:

  • Muayad Alayan – Palcine Productions – Palestine
    “O Little Town of Bethlehem” directed by Muayad Alayan
  • Jacqui Davies – Primitive Film – United Kingdom
    “After London” directed by Ben Rivers
  • Stefan Eichenberger – Contrast Film – Switzerland
    “Good Boy” directed by Matthias von Gunten
  • Brian J. Falconer – Out of Orbit – United Kingdom
    “Harvesting” directed by Michael Lennox
  • Jessie Fisk – Feline Films – Ireland
    “So, Perfect” directed by Nathalie Biancheri
  • Erik Glijnis – Lemming Film – The Netherlands
    “Sweet Dreams” directed by Ena Sendijarevic
  • Lauren Grant – Clique Pictures – Canada
    “Mush Hole” directed by Lisa Jackson
  • Anna-Maria Kantarius – Garage Film International – Sweden
    “The Land of the Fern” directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark
  • Marta Lewandowska – Friends with Benefits Studio – Poland
    “Symetry of the Island” directed by Anna Kazejak
  • Patrice Nezan – Les Contes Modernes – France
    “War with the Salamanders” directed by Catherine Maximoff
  • Sébastien Onomo – Special Touch Studios – France
    “Mami Wata” directed by Askia Traoré
  • Evelin Penttilä – Stellar Film – Estonia
    “Beatrice” directed by Ain Mäeots
  • Giovanni Pompili – Kino Produzioni – Italy
    “The Beautiful Summer” directed by Laura Luchetti
  • Radim Prochazka – Kuli Film – Czech Republic
    “In a Storm and Winds” directed by Lukáš Masner
  • Marija Razgutė – M-FILMS – Lithuania
    “Fake News” directed by Karolis Kaupinis
  • Milan Stojanovic – Sense Production – Serbia
    “When the Kids Sing the Hits” directed by Mina Djukic
  • Joanna Szymańska – Shipsboy – Poland
    “Politics of Love” director TBD