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Two UK game developers receive Creative Europe support

In the latest round of funding from Creative Europe’s Video Games scheme, 30 of the 132 applications have been selected for funding, receiving non-repayable grants totalling €3.7 million.

Applications were received from 24 participating countries and 12 countries are present in the list of selected projects. 16 projects from the UK were submitted, of which two game developers, Revolution Software and No Code have been selected, receiving €150,000 each.

This scheme supports the development of playable prototypes for innovative narrative-driven video games. As in previous years, the most represented genre is adventure, with the majority of the games selected featuring a single-player format. Other well-represented genres include action-adventure, RPGs and strategy games due to their high narrative content. Three of the selected projects are specifically targeted at young audiences (under 12s).

Visit the European Commission’s website for the full list of results from across Europe.

Image: Nyamyam received Video Games funding in 2016 to support the development of Astrologaster, a story-rich astrological comedy game set in Shakespeare's London. Image courtesy of Nyamyam.