Still of Flix the Dog funded by the MEDIA programme

Two UK companies awarded Single Project development funding

The latest results from the Single Project development scheme been published, seeing two UK production companies awarded grants for their documentary and animation projects.

Eye Presents were awarded €60,000 towards Flix, a new animation based on Tomi Ungerer's book about a dog raised in Cat Town while Braidmade Films were granted €25,000 for their documentary The Last Expedition.

It total 406 applications from 30 countries were submitted, with 77 being selected for funding. Successful candidates received a combined total of €3,060,000, making a success rate of 19%.

The five high production capacity countries (France, Italy, Germany Spain and the UK) submitted 167 applictions between them, and were awarded 17.65% of the allocated amount, up from 12.5% in the first round of the call this spring.

Applications to the next round of the Single Project development scheme are currently open, with deadlines set for 23 November 2017 and 19 April 2018.

Significant changes have been made to how applications will be assessed with the removal of automatic points for low and medium capacity countries.  Instead, 27% of the budget has been ring-fenced for applications from low production capacity countries, provided that the applications score a minimum of 75 points (out of a possible 100) based on the award criteria alone. 

Take a look at our funding opportunity overview page for more information about the current Single Project development call.

Browse the full results on the European Commission's website.