Three tips for your Slate development application

Dog Ears, See-Saw Films and Spring Films have all recently received Slate development funding with grants ranging from €76,000 to  €165,000. This has allowed them to develop between three and five projects animation, fiction and documentary projects for film and television. Below are some tips and advice for making a successful application from the people who’ve experienced the process first-hand.

Ed Dallal, Development Producer at Spring Films
"Tell the story of what you intend to do in full at every stage. Do not assume that the person reading will know what is standard practice as this may vary from country to country and within industries. The more you tell them, the easier it is to gain the points needed for a successful application."
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Katherine Bridle, Head of Film Development at See-Saw Films
“Conceptually, I would advise to really consider what your project (or projects) can offer the European and international landscape as a whole and not just focus on what the grant could do for the project(s). How will your project be received by, and offer an opportunity for, European partners creatives and audiences?
“Practically, take advantage of the knowledge and assistance of Creative Europe Desk UK team, they are fantastically helpful and we owe Agnieszka and Francesca a huge debt of thanks.”
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Fionnuala Deane, Managing Director at Dog Ears
"It is a very productive exercise to think about each of your slate projects and to visualise each one right through into production and to clearly explain your plans, articulate what makes your project different, who you’d like to work with and how you’d spend the money. It is particularly helpful to think about how your project would be marketed and distributed early on in the application process.

Letters of support from partners are also helpful and add weight to your proposal. The application form itself is detailed but we found that the most time consuming part of the process was gathering together all of the other necessary documentation – allow enough time to gather all of these materials and make sure they’re in the correct format for the upload!"
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For more help and information for your Slate funding application, read our tips and resources article, take a look at the scheme overview and examples of previously funded projects on our website and get in touch.

You can also watch producers talk about their Creative Europe-funded projects on our Youtube channel.

Image: clockwise from top left, Into the Inferno from Spring Films’ slate, Frankie and Doris, part of Sixteen South’s slate, I, Daniel Blake from Sixteen Films’ funded slate and My Brother The Minotaur from Dog Ears' slate.