SUPPORT: Tips for your Video Games funding application

The next deadline for Video Games development funding is 12 February 2020. If you're thinking about applying, or currently in the process of putting together your application here are some useful pointers to help with writing your strategies in Section E of the form...

Development strategy and exploitation potential

  • what stage are you at currently and what to you need to do in order to get to the first playable prototype?
  • gameplay should be clear, compelling and well-described, expanding on the different narrative arcs and scenarios
  • the development strategy should be rigorous and realistic - think of this section as a narrative of the budget you are submitting 
  • it should provide as much detail as possible regarding the UI and UX
  • what are the key milestones each month between submission of the form and completion of your first playable prototype?
  • the concept should have transnational appeal - what is it about the subject, the type of game, the team, the story and the characters that will allow the game have maximum impact internationally when released.

Distribution, communication, market strategy and target audience

  • consider a variety of distribution platforms and make a case for why the selection is best suited to the project
  • demonstrate an awareness of potential financing or distribution partners and that conversations have already started
  • demonstrate your knowledge of the markets - your strategies need to have international vision
  • elaborate on specific communication strategies and potential partnerships, particularly in relation to game-specific media and relevant consumer forums
  • identify primary and secondary target audiences and justify in terms of game preferences and patterns of use
  • describe the marketing channesl you plan to use and the USP of the game
  • thier are points awarded to projects encouraging accessibility for gamers with disabilities and other impairments

Financing strategy and feasibility of the project

  • the production budget should be realistic and correspond with the vision and ambition of the game
  • consider the commercial potential of the project demonstrate its sales potential and revenue streams


  • detail the innovative elements of the game - whether technical, narrative, graphic or sound - that push boundaries and challenge convention

Some other points to note

  • We've compiled a list of resources to help guide you through what's required in terms of eligibility and the application process
  • Be positive when describing your company and your projects - sell your company, team talents, awards, achievements!
  • Write clearly. Be specific, detailed and consistent, drawing up alternative plans and scenarios for financing and distribution
  • The cut off for applications is 4pm UK time on the day of the deadline - the submission iteself takes time and the servers can get jammed so don't leave it to the last minute!

Image: Tangle Tower is the second UK supported game to be released since this scheme was launched in 2014. SFB Games bring us this murder mystery adventure game full of curious clues, peculiar suspects and unique puzzles.