Still from Street Kids United

Seven UK production companies awarded Slate development funding

The latest results from Creative Europe’s Slate development funding scheme have been published, with seven UK companies successfully securing funding and sharing €1.2 million. They are:

Among the selected UK applicants are two animation companies, Spider Eye Films from South West England and Northern Ireland-based Dog Ears.

Altogether 124 applications were submitted from 21 countries to the 4 February deadline (call number EACEA 19/2015). 74 were selected and share a total pot of more than €12 million.

Read the full results on the European Commission website.

Slate development funding is designed to support independent production companies looking to develop 3 - 5 projects with international potential for cinema, television and digital platforms.

Katherine Bridle, Head of Film Development at See-Saw says:

"See-Saw Films is delighted to be one of the production companies receiving funding from MEDIA. As a company with a track record of producing successful films for international and European audiences, some of which have already received MEDIA distribution funding, we look forward to using this grant to further develop our slate of films. We will be  working with some of the most exciting filmmakers and writers from across the continent and MEDIA’s support will be a vital part of making this possible."

Find out about other Creative Europe support for producers through the TV programming and Single Project schemes.

Photo: Street Kids United received support through the Slate development scheme in 2009. In this latest round of funding, UK producers Film and Music Entertainment have received support to develop a follow up film, Streetkids United IV: The Road to Russia 2018