eave workshop

Scottish and Welsh producers selected for EAVE 2020

Two UK producers have been selected out of a record number of applications (249 in total, from 57 countries) for this year's EAVE Producer's Workshop, a prestigious programme from professional training, development and networking organisation European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE). The selected UK participants are:

PACT and EAVE are jointly offering a scholarship to UK producer Victoria Thomas in the name and memory of EAVE expert Dorothy Viljoen.

54 producers from 38 countries were selected for the 2020 group, which represents a highly talented and diverse group of professionals – not only in terms of nationality, geographic spread, ethnicity, age, and gender, but also with regards to types of projects, business set-up, experience, and background.

The three sessions of the EAVE 2020 Producers Workshop will take place in Luxembourg (6-13 March), Galway, Ireland (8-15 June) and Opatija/Rijeka, Croatia (19-26 October).

EAVE receives support from MEDIA, and you can find out more about the Producers Workshop here.