Photo courtesy YDance and Paul Watt.

Scotland’s YDance joins partners to launch a European community dance project

A new European community dance project has recently launched across Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. This Cooperation Project, called Let’s Dance, brings together four partner organisations: YDance (Scottish Youth Dance, UK), Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales (Spain), DeLOOPERS (Germany) and Keunstwurk (Netherlands). In 2016-2017, the consortium aims to strengthen the employability skills of young artists aged 15 and over, inspire new creative work around the theme of ‘migration’ and engage new dance audiences across Europe.  

"We are delighted that YDance is a partner in its first Creative Europe collaboration, which will give young dancers of all abilities the chance to learn new skills, and create work with their peers from across Europe. Let's Dance will offer a fantastic experience for participants, and open up European horizons for young people in Scotland." Carolyn Lappin, YDance Executive Director. 

Let’s Dance was awarded a grant of €195,745 from Creative Europe in 2015. As part of the small Cooperation Project, YDance (Scottish Youth Dance) intends to design a programme of workshops in Glasgow working with young dancers of all abilities. Through the exchange programme, up to five of the young people involved will travel to Bremen (Germany), Leeuwarden (Netherlands) and Granada (Spain) to work with choreographers to create a dance piece to be performed in Granada in February 2017. The remaining group members will stay in Glasgow to welcome the young artists from the partner organisations as part of the exchange. 

Visit the new Let’s Dance website and read their funded project profile

Photo courtesy YDance and Paul Watt.