Out of Nature (Mot Naturen) was popular with Scope50 audiences in Hungary

Scope50 winners picked by audiences

Scope50, a project which aims to present new distribution business models for European arthouse titles, has announced the winning films from its partnered territories. Audiences have selected six films for distribution from the project which is supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme's Audience Development fund.

Scope50 was developed by Gutek Film (Poland) and Festival Scope (France) in collaboration with UK distributor Soda Pictures (UK), alongside Aero Films (Czech Republic), Stadtkino (Austria) and Cinefil Co (Hungary). The project seeks to rethink the acquisition and release processes for independent European films by building up a community of 50 active film lovers from each participating country. This 'audience' was then required to watch ten selected films online and vote for the best one, which is subsequently released.

The announcement reveals that each country’s audience has elected a different winner. Whilst Swedish film The Reunion fared well in the UK, Spanish/French co-production Magical Girl came out on top in Poland, French Li'l Quinquin (P'tit Quinquin) in Austria and Norwegian Blind in the Czech Republic. MEDIA-funded Out of Nature (Mot Naturen) turned more than a few heads in Hungary. In some cases, this had the collateral effect of prompting the distributor to buy two films: the winner as voted by the audience and the distribution team's favourite film. For instance, French drama Party Girl will be distributed in Poland by Gutek Film ahead of the release of Magical Girl. 

After the films had been screened for a month, viewers were also involved in discussing and influencing the marketing campaigns, including elements such as trailers, loglines and bold, original initiatives. Many of them offered to act as film ambassadors, working with local media to introduce the winning film to the general public at preview screenings. Graphic designers among the audience are working on poster designs which will be submitted to the producers, while bloggers have an opportunity to conduct interviews with the directors.

The releases are planned for June 2015.

Image: Out of Nature (Mot Naturen)