Scope100 announces winning films

Scope100 announces winning films

Creative Europe-funded Scope100 - a distribution project which is designed to rethink the acquisition and release processes and stimulate audiences for independent European films - has announced the selection of titles which will go on to be released by distributors in the project’s partner countries. 

The winners were chosen through a voting process whereby groups of 100 film enthusiasts in each country watched a selection of ten previously released but not widely distributed films online and chose their favourite. The winning films are:

  • Sparrows, directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson, in Norway and in Hungary
  • The Here After, directed by Magnus von Horn, in Belgium
  • Frenzy, directed by Emin Alper, in Poland
  • In the Crosswind, directed by Martti Helde, in Austria
  • Reality, by Quentin Dupieux, in the Czech Republic

Scope100 is developed by Poland’s Gutek Film and Festival Scope in collaboration with Aerofilms (Czech Republic), Stadtkino (Austria), Imagine (Belgium), Arthaus (Norway) and Cinefil Co (Hungary). It is supported by Creative Europe’s Audience Development scheme and builds on a previous distribution project, Scope50.

Image: Sparrows