My Brilliant Friend

Results for TV Programming scheme announced

In the latest round of funding from the TV programming scheme, 22 projects have been awarded grants totalling over €5 million.

In total, 58 applications were received from 13 countries, with fewer applications from low capacity countries compared to results in 2017.

Among the 22 selected projects, applicants came from nine different countries, with France receiving the highest number of grants. The breakdown of selected projects is: France (6), Italy (4), Norway (3), Greece (2), Denmark (2), Sweden (2), Ireland (1), Spain (1) and Belgium (1).

Notably, no UK or German projects have been selected in this round of funding. The evaulators noted the unusually strong performance from Italy who received 20% of the availabe funding.

See the full set of results on the European Commission’s website.

Image credit: Italian production company Wildside received €1 million for ‘My Brilliant Friend’, an adaption of Elena Ferrante’s ‘Neapolitan Novels’ series.