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Results from 2018 Film Education scheme published

Results from Creative Europe’s Film Education call have now been published, with eight partnership projects sharing grants of nearly €2 million.

From the selected projects, one is led by a UK organisation and three others have UK partners.  

The BFI will lead Film Education: from Framework to Impact. Following on from a previous Creative Europe-funded project from 2014, this project will apply the learning from A Framework for Film Education and devise a practical approach to film education that can be used across all of Europe.

Read more about “A Framework for Film Education” in our interview with the BFI’s head of education, Mark Reid.

Of the three other projects with UK partners, the first The Film Corner Reloaded - A Cultural Approach is a continuation from a 2016 funded project that explored a digital led-approach to film education. The Nerve Centre (Northern Ireland) and The Film Space (England) are two of five partners.

The Nerve Centre is also partnering on the Polish-led Shortcut: Small stories, Big issues.

The Centre for the Moving Image in Scotland is taking part in Moving Cinema which received funding for the third time.

The seven supported projects are:

  • Cinemini Europe – led by Stichting Film Instituut Nederland (Netherlands)
  • CINema and ART at School – led by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna (Italy)
  • Film Corner Reloaded- A Cultural Approach – led by Fondazione Cineteca Italiana (Italy)
  • Moving Cinema Methodologies, Strategies and Tools for Children and Young People to Appreciate European Films and Become an Active Audience – led by A Bao A Qu Associacion (Spain)
  • Film Education: from Framework to Impact – led by the BFI (United Kingdom)
  • CinEd, an efficient European cinema education tool for 2020: Research - Action – Modelling – led by Institut Francais (France)
  • Shortcut – Small Stories, Big Issues – led by Fundacja Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej (Poland)
  • Wrap 2018-2020 – led by Stichting Film Instituut Nederland (Netherlands)

For more details of the grants awarded to each organisation please visit the EACEA website.

Image: The Centre for the Moving Image in Scotland are taking part in Moving Cinema which received funding for the third time.