Request for proposals: Impact of Creative Europe in the UK – beyond the direct funding

Creative Europe Desk UK is seeking to commission a piece of work that describes and demonstrates the less tangible value of the Creative Europe programme (and its two sub-programmes) in the UK. The available budget for this work is £5,000 including VAT. 

Using existing quantitative and qualitative data, the deliverables will be a written final report and short PowerPoint presentation on findings and recommendations on two questions:

1. What is the impact of Creative Europe (from 2014 until present as well as the previous programmes Culture and MEDIA where practicable), and in particular its two sub-programmes MEDIA and Culture, in the UK under the following headings:

  • Economic Impact

a. Increase in output and employment

b. Increase in investment

  • Internationalisation and networks

a. Partnerships

b. Increasing market potential

  • Innovation and skills

a. Improving employability

b. Creation of new content and IP

c. New business / management models

d. Audiences and cultural impact

  • Audiences
  • Access to high-quality content
  • Prosperity/influence/attraction 

a. How has Creative Europe supported developing cultural relations between UK and other countries?

b. To what extent has Creative Europe realised the profile of the UK’s screen, arts, culture and heritage sectors?

2. What would have been the impact on the UK had the funding not been received?

How do I submit a proposal?

Your proposal should be a maximum of eight pages of A4. If you are interested in submitting, read the request for proposals, and follow the timeline and guidelines.

The agreement for supply of services form can be accessed here. The final report deadline is 22 October. 

Image: COLLABORATE! Creative Europe Desk UK Forum on International Working (c) Jahel Guerra