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Report shows Creative Europe's impact in the UK

A report on Creative Europe in the UK shows that the programme's role in supporting company growth and international partnerships is highly valued.

Over two surveys, 620 creative professionals responded to questions about Creative Europe and its impact on projects, professional development and business prospects. The surveys also gathered evidence of Creative Europe’s broader ‘added value’ through open-ended questions.

Many of the respondents had not received Creative Europe support. Highlights include: 

  • Four out of five (80%) of respondents supported by Creative Europe say the funding, opportunities and ways of working it offers has helped grow their organisations
  • Creative Europe support helped to develop meaningful international partnerships (including co-commissions and collaborations) in the majority of cases for Culture (91%) and MEDIA beneficiaries (68%)
  • 90% of respondents were very or fairly satisfied with the advice they received from Creative Europe Desk UK
  • 87% of respondents believe the audiovisual, creative and cultural sectors would benefit from continued participation in Creative Europe and its successor programme.

The survey report was produced by independent consultancy Bigger Picture Research. 

Take a look at the full survey report on Creative Europe's impact in the UK. 

Image: BE Fest 2015 was supported by Creative Europe's Cooperation Projects strand (c) Alex Brenner