European Commission

PEACE IV: a new EU funding programme for Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland

The European Commission has adopted a new EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, PEACE IV, to support peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland. This cross-border cooperation programme, one of the four PEACE programmes taking place in the EU and with a budget of €269 million, supports activity in four key areas:

  • €30 million for shared education projects, encouraging schools to engage in joint education activities and providing training for teachers. 
  • €57 million for peer mentoring and local community youth initiatives to increase the interaction between children and young people from all backgrounds. 
  • €84.5 million for the creation of new shared services and spaces such as interventions for victims and survivors of the conflict.
  • €44 million for local sports, arts and culture projects that build mutual trust and understanding. 

PEACE IV is managed by the SEUPB – The Special EU Programmes Body and calls for applications are expected to launch in early 2016. €229 million of the budget comes from the European Regional Development and, together with the national co-financing from UK and Ireland, more than €2.2 billion is set to be invested.