Opening performance Aarhus 2017

Aarhus 2017 kicks off with spectacular opening ceremony

Thousands of lanterns, six large viking ships and nearly a thousand choir singers all played a part in the offical opening ceremony of Aarhus 2017.

Aarhus in Denmark is the European Capital of Culture 2017, sharing the title with Pafos in Cyprus.

With several thousand citizens carrying illuminated ships as part of a procession, the opening ceremony marked one of the largest community participation events ever held in Denmark. The procession culminated in a show projected on the buildings of Aarhus Harbour. 

The Aarhus 2017 opening ceremony was created by artistic director, Nigel Jamieson who also directed the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Liverpool 2008.

The UK is set to host a European Capital of Culture in 2023. However, the UK Government said: "bidding cities should be aware that the European Capital of Culture title may be subject to the outcome of those exit negotiations which could have a bearing on the UK’s participation and the government will advise bidding cities on this once negotiations have concluded."

See how the official Aarhus 2017 opening ceremony went on social media.

Image: courtesy of Aarhus 2017. Jan Kejser