European Film Forum at MIFC 2018

Online European Film Directory due to be launched next year

The Creative Europe MEDIA programme has funded a new online European Film Directory, the prototype of which was recently presented by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, at the International Classic Film Market (MIFC) in Lyon on 18 October. The project has been developed as part of the European Commission’s #Digital4Culture strategy and the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018.

Developed with the support of the European Audiovisual Observatory, the directory will provide film professionals and public authorities with information about the online availability and accessibility of European films via video-on-demand (VoD) services in every European country. 

Directors, writers and producers will be able to use the directory to find out which countries and streaming services their films are available on, while distributors will be able to identify the VoD services that are most likely to host their films.

The general public will also be given access to the directory, which will serve as a virtual film library through which audiences can discover a variety of European films for both personal and educational purposes.

The project is currently at the prototype stage, containing data provided by 115 VoD services and representing approximately 35,000 European films. The beta version of the directory is scheduled to be launched in spring 2019, with the release of the final version expected towards the end of that year.

Read the full press release on the European Commission’s website.

Image: Mariya Gabriel (left) and Thierry Frémaux (centre) during the announcement of the European Film Directory at the MIFC in Lyon.