Walk this Way

Online Distribution deadline is on 17 September - we’re here to help

Is your company interested in experimenting with innovative distribution models? Then Creative Europe may be able to help as one of the key aims of Creative Europe's MEDIA sub-programme is to improve the international distribution of European films. In addition to the distribution grants allocated to traditional cinema releases, Creative Europe has a funding opportunity dedicated to supporting more innovative approaches using digital technologies. 

The Distribution: Online scheme, which has an overall budget of €2.15 million, is currently open for submissions until 17 September 2015 and Creative Europe Desk UK offers free advice and support to applicants from the UK so get in touch if you're considering submitting an application. 

What does this funding support?

Multi-platform releases

  • This funding can support innovative, multi-platform releases of one or several European films in at least two countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme. The proposed projects should explore the boundaries between different release platforms and aim to add to their increasing convergence and complementarity. They should also seek to address the limitations imposed by the sequential release windows that currently exist.  
  • A Video-on-Demand (VoD) release should be at the centre of the proposal, alongside the simultaneous or semi-simultaneous availability of the films in a number of European territories on a wide range of other platforms, including festivals, cinemas, television and DVD, for example.

Digital packages of European films

  • This scheme can also fund the assembly and delivery of digital packages of European films, with the aim of improving their availability and visibility. Particular emphasis is placed on VoD services in countries where the films are not available on any distribution platform. 
  • Following a clear editorial line and accompanied by a specific marketing strategy, the applicants should propose a catalogue of at least 20 European films from at least five countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme. These should represent at least five official languages of the European Union and each film in the catalogue should be sold for theatrical or TV distribution in at least five countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme. 

This scheme also funds VOD platforms, but this year the funding is only available for second year for the providers who had successfully applied in 2014.   

Where can I find out more?

  • Take a look at examples of successful applications to this scheme on our Funded Projects pages
  • Read through the Distribution: Online scheme details and guidelines
  • Get in touch with Creative Europe Desk UK if you have any questions or need guidance with your application. 

Photo: The Walk this Way project was funded through the Distribution: Online scheme in 2014.