Number 9 Films secure 2020 Slate Funding

The latest results from Creative Europe’s Slate development funding scheme have been published, with UK production company Number 9 Films successfully securing €200,000 of funding.

The scheme is designed to support independent production companies looking to develop multiple projects with international potential for cinema, television and digital platforms.

Altogether 147 applications were submitted from 27 countries, including nine from the UK, to the deadline on 4 February (call number EACEA 18/2019). 71 were selected and share a total pot of more than €12.4 million.

76% of the selected companies had already received some form of MEDIA development support under either the current or previous MEDIA programmes, while 51% had previously received Slate Funding support specifically.

The majority of the slates selected (55%) came from ‘medium production capacity countries’ (i.e. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden).

Denmark saw the highest number of companies selected, with 11 slates selected for funding from the 15 submitted, a success rate of 73%.

Read the full results on the European Commission website.

This was the final deadline for this scheme open to UK companies. Any future deadlines will fall under the new Creative Europe programme which the UK government is not looking to seek participation in.

Over the seven years of Creative Europe (2014 – 2020), 25 grants have been awarded to 18 UK companies through the Slate Funding scheme, totaling €4.2 million. This equates to 5% of the total funding available Europe-wide and puts the UK in the top 10 countries to benefit from the scheme.

Photo: Number 9 Films recently announced their upcoming project Mothering Sunday, due to start filming this autumn and featuring (L-R) Odessa Young, Josh O’Connor, Olivia Colman and Colin Firth. The project was supported as part of a previous slate in selected in 2017.