New report: Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe

New report: Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe

A European research project has published a report into the ‘spillover’ effects of public investment in arts, culture and the creative industries.

The term ‘spillover’ describes how investment in arts and culture has broader impacts on the economy and society and, within Europe, this is increasingly being quoted as one of the key policy drivers for public investment in the sector.

Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe: a preliminary evidence review is published by Arts Council England in collaboration with a number of European partners: the Arts Council of Ireland, Creative England, the european centre for creative economy (Germany), the European Cultural Foundation (the Netherlands) and the European Creative Business Network (the Netherlands). 

The research, undertaken by the London-based Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, classifies ‘spillover’ effects into three broad categories (Knowledge, Industry and Network) and 17 sub-categories that fall across social, political, economic and cultural outcomes.

Three areas where there is persuasive evidence that such ‘spillovers’ are especially strong have been identified in particular: 

  • innovation in knowledge, 
  • health and wellbeing through knowledge and industry, and 
  • creative milieu/place branding via network, knowledge and industry spillovers.

The report contributes to scientific, cultural and political debate about evidencing the value of culture and public investment into the arts, culture and creative industries.

Visit the project website to download the full report and an executive summary.