the old jewish cemetery in wroclaw

New pilot project call: Protecting the Jewish Cemeteries of Europe

A new pilot project titled "Protecting the Jewish cemeteries of Europe: Continuation of the mapping process, stakeholders’ involvement and awareness raising" has been launched as part of Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, building on the previous pilot project 'Mapping the Jewish cemeteries of Europe'. 

The aims of 'Protecting the Jewish Cemeteries of Europe' are:

  • extending the mapping to cover additional cemeteries across Europe;
  • identifying specific opportunities for stronger interactions between various stakeholders interested in the preservation of Jewish burial sites;
  • raising awareness of the importance of Jewish cultural heritage and cultural diversity of Europe throughout history and utilising Jewish burial sites to showcase this 

The current call is open to a consortium of at least two members. The project should aim to contribute to the objectives set up by the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 by raising awareness of the European value of heritage and cultural diversity of Europe.

The grant will be allocated to one single project, and co-financing is estimated at just over €1 million. It's expected that the action will start in December 2019 and run for 18 months.

Application guidelines and documentation on this call can be found on the EACEA website.

Application deadline: 30 August 2019

Please contact the Culture team if you need advice or support for UK-based applications. 

Image: Pudelek, Wikimedia Commons - The Old Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw