Read this new European Commission study on Film Festivals at EU delegations

New European Commission study shows film festivals provide a unique diplomatic tool

A new study carried out by KEA and the British Film Institute (BFI) for the European Commission looks at film festivals and other film events organised by European Union Delegations (EUDs) across the world in order to promote the European Union and showcase European culture.

The research concludes that European film festivals (EUFFs) provide a unique way for European films to reach audiences in third countries, i.e. countries outside of Europe.

This shows that, as important tools in promoting the image of a creative continent abroad, festivals offer an important opportunity for EU cultural diplomacy and can foster mutual understanding between cultures.

The research, which includes the European film festival in South Africa, European Film Weeks in Morocco, German film festival in China and online project My French Film Festival, reveals that 76 EU Delegations are currently involved in the organisation of film festivals, which are qualified as their most attractive outreach event. The study offers analysis on these and explores different options to offer a more strategic and co-ordinated approach, ensuring that they become effective diplomatic, cultural and trade tools.  

You can visit the KEA website to read the study in full.