Quiet Flows the Una by Bosnian writer Faruk Sehic

New translation of EUPL-winning Bosnian novel published by Istros Books

Look out for Quiet Flows the Una by Bosnian writer Faruk Sehic, which is soon to reach bookshop shelves. This novel is the one of three Creative Europe-funded titles that UK-based publisher Istros Books are publishing in the coming months. Istros, an independent publishing house specialising in literature from south east Europe, was awarded a grant of €19,094 from Creative Europe through the Literary Translation funding opportunity in 2014. 

Written by a veteran of the Bosnian conflict of the 1990s and translated from Bosnian into English by Will Firth, Quiet Flows the Una is a meditation on the beauty of nature and the cruelty of war. In 2013 this novel was also chosen as a winner of the EU Prize for Literature (EUPL), a Creative Europe-supported prize celebrating the creativity and diverse wealth of Europe’s contemporary fiction.

On 31 March in London, listen to Sehic talk about the book followed by a Q&A session and drinks reception. The event is free - simply register for tickets online

Watch a film with author Faruk Sehic talking about his book and what the EUPL means to him: 

Visit the Istros Books website for orders, enquiries and more information. Faruk Sehic is coming to London launch this new translation at a literary event at European Bank (EBRD) on 31 March. Booking details will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Photo: cover of Quiet Flows the Una. Courtesy of Istros Books.