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New Creative Europe-supported co-production fund Sørfond+ launches

Sørfond+ is a new film fund run by the Norwegian Film Institute and The Films from the South Foundation that supports co-productions between producers from European and developing countries.

The fund, which received a grant in the latest round of funding from the MEDIA sub-programme’s International Co-production Funds scheme, gives grants of up to €50,000 per project and has a total budget of €217,000 for 2017.

The aims of Sørfond+ are to strengthen film as a cultural expression, promote diversity and artistic integrity on the international film scene, and strengthen freedom of expression. Increased collaboration between filmmakers in Europe and in the eligible countries and stimulating the production of films in developing countries are also key objectives.

Find out more about Sørfond+, including when the next deadline is, on their website.