Moving Beyond Brexit: Recommendations from European leaders

On 24 September 2018, more than 60 experts from the cultural and creative sectors from Europe assembled at the Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels (BOZAR), in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation and the British Council, to address the potential impact of Brexit on their fields as part of the Moving Beyond Brexit event.

The group called on Brexit negotiators to address their concerns related to mobility, funding and partnerships, as well as legal questions surrounding the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

The recommendations that came out of the event regarding EU funding and partnerships were as follows:

"The impacts and effects of European funding programmes which rely on multilateral partnerships go far beyond the funding that supports these. The added value of funding at European level for cultural programmes is crucial in supporting creative and cultural industries to grow, build international networks, generate jobs and skills, grow audiences and markets, experiment, up-skill, and meet meaningful social objectives locally and internationally.

1. The cultural and creative sectors in the UK and the rest of Europe, already affected by the decision of the UK to leave the EU, recommend the EU Institutions and the UK Government provide clarifications and firm commitment on the following:

  • Immediate reassurance of UK eligibility for funding programmes during the transition period (in order to avoid negatively impacting hundreds of European partnerships and funding agreements)
  • Clarification of the end date/cut-off point of submission and selection of awarded projects
  • Confirmation of specific guidance on how HM Treasury will guarantee work and practices from all EU funding programmes.

2. The cultural and creative sectors in the UK and the rest of Europe recommend to the UK government and the European Institutions that a steering group made of representatives of the European creative sector should be created in order to advise UK-EU policy makers during:

  • The negotiations on the Culture and Education Accord or any future agreement and,
  • The design and management of European funding programmes for Culture post-2020.

3. The cultural and creative sectors in the UK and the rest of Europe recommend that EU Institutions and the UK Government ensure full UK participation in European culture programmes post-2020- in particular Creative Europe.

4. In addition to the above, the sectors recommend that the UK Government establish an initiative/fund to support British cultural organisations’ development at the European level in order to continue Europe-UK cooperation."

See the full recommendations from the Moving Beyond Brexit event.

Image: National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, Perth Concert hall, with Nicola Beneddeti. Courtesy of Creative Europe project MusXchange (c) Ian Watson