Meet the Inside Pictures 2020 cohort

MEDIA-supported Inside Pictures is an intensive film business training and leadership skills development programme for film & TV industry executives. Each year the programme selects 20 individuals from all disciplines - sales, distribution, marketing, finance, legal and business affairs, development, production, post-production, special effects - and is designed to develop the practical knowledge, skills and high-level contacts needed to lead successful businesses. 

Like previous alumni, this year's cohort will discover the heart of the film industry and be given a 360-degree understanding of the global business of film, whilst benefitting from the support of their cohort, and input from top-level industry leaders. In reaction to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Inside Pictures 2020 programme will be arranged through a series of online modules, interactive sessions with European and US film industry executives, and tailored and bespoke sessions. 

Agnieszka Moody, Director of Creative Europe Desk UK, said:

“Another year and another exciting and diverse group of talented professionals from all over the world embark on the journey to learn from those further down their career paths, but also from one another and to set up fruitful collaborations in the future. Creative Europe is proud to be supporting Inside Pictures especially in these challenging times when it can play a vital role in the screen industry adapting very rapidly to the new conditions in the context of Covid-19.”

The 2020 Inside Pictures cohort are: 

  • Samantha Allwinton – Senior Investment Associate, Ingenious Media, British / Australian (based in UK)
  • Peter Balm – Head of Business Affairs, Warp Films, British
  • Emilie Barra – Marketing Manager, Signature Entertainment, French (based in UK)
  • David Canelo – Producer, Indomable Pictures, Spanish
  • Adam Cohen – Development Producer, Fulwell 73, British
  • Mark van Eeuwen – Executive Producer, Levitate Film, Dutch
  • Kate Glover – Producer, Never Sleep, Australian (based in UK)
  • Emily Gotto – Global Acquisitions and Co-Productions Director, AMC Networks’ Shudder, Irish (based in the UK)
  • Arno Hazebroek – COO / Producer, Sampsonic Media, Dutch (based in Canada)
  • Debra Liang – Head of Sales, LevelK, Australian (based in Denmark)
  • Charlene Lydon – Head of Programming, Element Cinemas, Irish
  • Katrin Kissa – Producer / CEO, Homeless Bob Production, Estonian
  • Kuba Kosma – Producer / CEO, Serce, Polish
  • Rusta Mizani – Head of Business Affairs, augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH, German
  • Bianca Obermaier – Head of Acquisitions, Weltkino Filmverleih GmbH, German
  • Laura Pettitt – Film Publicist, Untitled Communications, British
  • Dries Phlypo – Managing Partner / Producer, A Private View, Belgian
  • Ulrich Schwarz – Producer and Head of Production, Rise Pictures, German
  • Marleen Slot – Producer, Viking Film / Holy Motion, Dutch
  • Ioanna Stais – Head of Sales and Acquisitions, Heretic Outreach, Greek / French (based in Greece)