MEDIA supported releases for July

American Hero

Meet Melvin. He’s an unenthusiastic superhero, who lives for crime, women and drugs. Until he realises the only way he will get to see his estranged son is if he gives up his crazy lifestyle and fulfils his potential as a crime fighter.

The film received support through the Automatic Distribution scheme for its release in France. Showing in UK cinemas from 4 July, it is distributed by Screen Media.

The Midwife (Sage femme)

An unlikely friendship develops between Claire (Catherine Frot), a talented but tightly wound midwife, and Béatrice (Catherine Deneuve), the estranged, freespirited mistress of Claire's late father. Though polar opposites in almost every way, the two come to rely on each other as they cope with the unusual circumstance that brought them together.

The Midwife received Selective Distribution funding, supporting its release in four countries as well as Automatic Distribution funding for its release in Austria, Spain, Finland and Hungary. Artificial Eye release the film in the UK on 7 July.

The Death of Louis XIV (La mort de Louis XIV)

After going for a walk, Louis XIV feels a pain in his leg. Over the following days, the king keeps fulfilling his duties and obligations, but his sleep is troubled and he has a serious fever. He barely eats and weakens increasingly. This is the start of the slow agony of the greatest King of France from gangrene, surrounded by his doctors and closest advisors, speaking in frantic, whispered tones about their options, in an era in which little is known of such illnesses.

This French film received Automatic Distribution funding to be released in Poland. It is showing in UK cinemas, distributed by New Wave Films on 14 July.

Scribe (La Mécanique de l'ombre)

The unemployed Duval is contacted by a mysterious organization to transcribe intercepted calls. He accepts the job with no suspicions, since it restores stability to his life, but it will soon result in political shenanigans of all kinds.

This French film received Automatic Distribution funding to be released in Spain and Portugal. It is released in the UK by Arrow Films on 21 July.

Image Credit: The Death of Louis XIV