MEDIA Salles publishes 2015 statistics on cinema admissions and digitisation

MEDIA Salles publishes 2015 statistics on cinema admissions and digitisation

Creative Europe-funded organisation MEDIA Salles has published annual statistics on cinema admissions in Europe and worldwide digitisation, showing an overall increase in numbers for both cinemagoers and digital projectors compared to 2014. Paolo Protti, President of MEDIA Salles, remarked that 2015 was a good year for European cinemas. 

From the data recorded across 32 countries, results show that there was a 5.2% rise in cinemagoers overall compared to the previous year. Nearly all countries saw increases in admissions and box office sales. 

Thanks to the success of ‘homemade’ films like Creative Europe-funded Suffragette, Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Spectre, the UK's admissions and box office sales growth was above average at 9.2%. There were also particularly positive increases across the rest of Western Europe, with the exception of France where there was a dip of 1.4%:

  • Portugal: 20.4%
  • Finland: 20.3%
  • Denmark: 15.8%
  • Germany: 14.3%

Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region saw their tenth consecutive year of growth. 

The data also showed that the number of digital screens continued to rise last year, increasing by 6% from 2014. Some countries, such as Turkey and Latvia, saw a particular acceleration in the rate of conversion to new technology, and the continent’s six largest markets are all nearing 100% digitisation. With 36,200 digital screens, Europe is now the third largest world market after North America.

Visit the MEDIA Salles website to read the full report.

Photo: Suffragette, courtesy of Pathé UK