Still from Miss Julie

MEDIA films on UK screens: September

Miss Julie

Miss Julie is Liv Ullmann’s austere screen adaptation of August Strindberg's play of the same title, relocated from Sweden to Ireland during the same period. Miss Julie (Jessica Chastain) is the beautiful daughter of Anglo-Irish aristicracy who, over the course of a midsummer night in Fermanagh, encourages her father's valet John (Colin Farrell), to seduce her. Kathleen (Samantha Morton) is the long-suffering cook of the house and John’s churchgoing fiancée, whom he treats with lordly condescension. 

The film's release in several countries has been supported through the Automatic and Selective schemes for distribution.

Miss Julie is released in the UK on 4 September through Munro Film Services.

How To Change the World

A Sundance award winner this year, this documentary biography tells of a group of friends in Vancouver who set sail into a nuclear test zone in 1971 in an attempt to stop the US atomic bomb tests in Amchitka - a protest which captured the world's imagination. The film received Slate development funding in 2010. 

Picturehouse Entertainment is releasing How to Change the World on 9 September.

The Belier Family

This French film directed by Éric Lartigau tells the story of a deaf family with a hearing daughter who has a talent for singing. With the encouragement of her music professor, she decides to take part in a prestigious singing contest. However, pursuing her dreams means leaving her family and taking her first steps towards adulthood.

The film's release in France was supported through Creative Europe's distribution funding. It is released in the UK on 11 September with Entertainment One.


In this Franco-Belgian co-production, an old man sits under a baobab tree, telling a story to the children around him. It is the tale of the undying friendship between ten year old Maki and Zarafa, an orphaned giraffe who was sent as a gift from the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France, Charles X. Together they cross the desert, meet a pirate and encounter more adventures on a trip that takes him from Africa to Paris.

The film's release in France and Germany was supported through the Automatic distribution scheme.

Zarafa will be in UK cinemas from 18 September, released by Soda Pictures

Svecenikova djeca (The Priest's Children)

When a naïve Catholic clergyman tries to boost the birth rate in his Dalmatian island, his plan sparks a host of unintended consequences. This acerbic satire from director Vinko Brešan, a director known and loved for using humour to approach sensitive historical and cultural topics, is currently Croatia’s top-grossing production of the year.

The Priest's Children is released in the UK by Cinefile on 18 September, with the support of the Selective scheme. 

Mia Madre 

In Nanni Moretti's latest drama, an Italian film director in the midst of an existential crisis, torn between art and life, must face the inevitable and heartbreaking loss of her mother.

The film received Automatic distribution funding for its release in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

Mia Madre hits UK cinema screens on 25 September, with distributor Artificial Eye.

    Photo: Miss Julie is out in UK cinemas from 4 September