Still from Graduation

MEDIA films on UK screens: March


Cristian Mungi’s latest film explores moral compromise and bureaucratic corruption. When a doctor’s daughter’s future is in jeopardy, he must make a difficult decision: he could save his daughter but not without betraying the moral principles he has raised her with.

Curzon Film World release the film in the UK on 3 March with support from Creative Europe.


Trespass Against Us

The debut feature from Adam Smith, Trespass Against Us tells the story of a man torn between loyalty to his father and hope for his children, starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson.

UK production company Potboiler Productions received Slate development funding for Trespass Against Us in 2012. Lionsgate release the film in the UK on 3 March.


Paul Verhoeven’s psychological thriller centres on a Michèle – a seemingly indestructible businesswoman who is attacked in her home. When she tracks down the man that raped her, they both enter into a curious game of cat and mouse that could at any moment spiral out of control.

Elle is released in the UK on 10 March by Trafalgar Releasing (formerly operating as Picturehouse Entertainment) with support from Creative Europe's Automatic distribution scheme.

Image: Graduation is released by Curzon Film World with support from Creative Europe.