The Girl King film still

MEDIA films on UK screens: June

The Measure of a Man (La loi du marché) 

After 20 months of unemployment, 51-year-old Thierry starts a new job only to be faced with a moral dilemma. A low-key but powerful social drama, The Measure of a Man contemplates just how much an ordinary man will compromise his integrity in order to make ends meet.

The French film received support through Creative Europe’s Automatic distribution scheme to be released in six European countries. It is released in the UK by New Wave Films on 3 June. 

Noma: My Perfect Storm 

Taking the form of a classic fairy tale, the ugly duckling transformed into a majestic swan, Noma: My Perfect Storm is a creative journey into the mind of Danish chef René Redzepi. Now famous for his modern gourmet cuisine, Redzepi discusses his restaurant Noma and culinary philosophy that led him to success.

The film, which won a prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival, received support through Creative Europe’s Sales Agents scheme for its release in Denmark. StudioCanal release the film in the UK on 10 June. 

Tale of Tales (Il Racconto Dei Racconti) 

Inspired by the fables of 17th century Italian author Giambattista Basile, Matteo Garrone’s Tale of Tales is a visually rich, very grown up adaptation of three classic fairy tales: The Enchanted Doe, The Flea and The Flayed Old Lady. 

Supported through the Sales Agents scheme, via HanWay Films, and through the Online Distribution scheme, via Curzon Film World, Tale of Tales is released simultaneously on VoD platforms and cinema screens on 17 June. 

The Girl King 

A period drama set in 17th century Sweden, The Girl King tells the story of Queen Kristina who, raised as a prince with ideas to modernise Sweden and bring an end to war, is forced to choose between her country, her love, her people and her religion. 

The UK’s Peccadillo Pictures, along with distributors from 16 other European countries, received support through the Selective Distribution scheme to release The Girl King. It comes out on 17 June. 

Long Way North (Tout en Haut du Monde) 

In this hand-drawn, French animation, 15-year-old Russian aristocrat Sasha embarks on an epic adventure to find her missing grandfather and save her family's reputation.

Long Way North received distribution support from Creative Europe for its release in 18 European countries. It is released in the UK on 17 June by Soda Pictures

Becoming Zlatan 

Told through rare archive footage in which Zlatan Ibrahimovic speaks openly about his life and challenges, Becoming Zlatan gives a gives a glimpse into who the soccer star really is, if even just for a moment. 

The Swedish film received development support through the Slate Funding scheme. It reaches UK screens on 22 June via StudioCanal

The Shamer's Daughter (Skammerens Datter)

Dina, the Shamer’s daughter, has unwillingly inherited her mother's ability to look straight into the soul of other people. When the sole heir to the throne is wrongfully accused of the horrible murders of his family, Dina is entangled in the drama and made responsible for uncovering the truth.

Awarded development funding through the Single Project scheme, StudioCanal release The Shamer’s Daughter in the UK on 23 June. 

The Last King (Birkebeinerne) 

The Last King is the story of the escape which changed the history of Norway forever. Directed by Nils Gaup, the film shows the country ravaged by civil war while The King's illegitimate son, whom half the kingdom is out to kill, is guarded in deep secret. 

The Last King received funding from Creative Europe for distribution in Spain and Denmark through the Automatic and Sales Agents schemes. It is released in the UK by StudioCanal 23 June. 


Stefano Sollima’s Suburra centres on a gangster known as the ‘Samurai’ and his goal to turn the waterfront of a small town close to Rome into a new Atlantic City. Although a corrupt politician, a powerful cardinal and all the local mobs seem to be on his side, it is not long until war breaks out.  

UK-based Kaleidoscope Film Distribution received funding through Creative Europe’s Selective distribution scheme to release Suburra. It comes to UK screens on 24 June. 

Ma ma 

Ma ma is a Spanish drama directed by Julio Medem starring Penélope Cruz. After being diagnosed with cancer, Magda (Cruz) reacts with a surge of newfound life and begins to create unexpected bonds with those around her. 

Metrodome received support through Creative Europe’s Selective distribution scheme to release the film, which comes out in the UK on 24 June. 

Les Cowboys 

In French-Belgian film Les Cowboys, a country and western gathering is in full swing when one of the children, Kelly, disappears. Distraught, the girl’s father, Alain, becomes obsessed with finding her – to the point of risking everything. 

Les Cowboys received Creative Europe support through the Automatic distribution scheme to be released in Portugal. StudioCanal release it in the UK on 26 June.

Image: The Girl King, via Peccadillo Pictures