Still from 45 Years

MEDIA films on UK screens: August

The Confessions of Thomas Quick

This is the true story of Thomas Quick, a loner from an early age who went on to become Sweden's most notorious serial killer and openly confessed to the murders of more than 30 people. Co-produced with Sweden, the UK's Century Films were awarded a grant for this documentary project through the Single Project development scheme. 

The Confessions of Thomas Quick is released on 14 August through Picturehouse Entertainment.

45 Years

A beautiful portrait of a fractured relationship, this Creative Europe-supported drama features award-winning performances from Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay. Andrew Haigh's third feature, it is adapted from a novel by David Constantine.

The British film has received support from Creative Europe to be sold and distributed outside of the UK through the Sales Agents and Automatic distribution schemes.

45 Years is released on 28 August with Curzon Film World

And something for the school summer holidays...

A number of children's animations backed by MEDIA sub-programme support are also airing on UK television screens, including Puffin RockCloudbabies, Boj, and Bing!

Photo: Still from 45 Years