Aberdeen City Council

Match funding for Cooperation Projects from Aberdeen City Council

In the run up to the Cooperation Projects application deadline in October, Aberdeen City Council have announced that they are providing the opportunity for interested organisations in the Aberdeen area to apply for match-funding towards an application. They aim to support local organisations to work collaboratively with partners from across Europe. Up to £15,000 per annum towards the cost of one application to the Cooperation Projects strand is available, which will result in a contribution of up to £60,000 across the maximum four-year project cycle.

The guidelines and application form can be downloaded from the Aberdeen City Council website. 

Organisations that are considering applying to Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme deadline for Cooperation Projects should get in touch with Kate Deans, Culture Officer, Creative Europe Desk UK – Scotland. Kate is based at Creative Scotland in Edinburgh and is responsible for promoting and facilitating Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme within Scotland. 

Organisations applying from the Aberdeen area are invited to attend a free application workshop in Aberdeen on 8 September from 2-5.30pm, which will provide an opportunity to got through the technical and content requirements needed for a successful application