LUX Film Prize short-list

LUX Film Prize short-list announced

At the Venice Days press conference on 26 July the three films to compete for the 10th anniversary edition of the LUX Film Prize were announced. They are:

  • As I Open My Eyes by Leyla Bouzid (France, Tunisia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates), takes viewers across the Mediterranean to Tunis, 2010, a few months before the revolution and follows Farah, a young musician, as she navigates familial, cultural and social ideals.
  • My Life as a Courgette* by Claude Barras (Switzerland, France), a bittersweet, poetic stop-motion animation film and portrait of the harsh reality of an orphanage, tenderly adapted from Gilles Paris’ novel.
  • Toni Erdmann* by Maren Ade (Germany, Austria, Romania), a political tragicomedy that examines how the corporate ethos can destroy family ties, people’s lives and happiness.

The Official Competition line-up, of which two (*) are MEDIA-funded, was presented by Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture and Education Silvia Costa and Vice-President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and was selected by an industry panel from the previously announced Official Selection.

The films were chosen for their engagement with current global issues and will now be subtitled into the 24 official EU languages and become the core of the 2016 LUX Film Days, which sees the films screened for the public across the 28 EU countries between October and December. The winner is then announced on 23 November at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

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Viewers from across Europe also have a chance to participate by voting for one of the three films in competition to receive the 2016 Audience Mention Award, announced at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2017. Watch this space for more information.

Image: clockwise from top As I Open My Eyes, Toni Erdmann, My Life as a Courgette via Lux Film Prize website