Kirikou and the Sorceress (Kirikou et la sorcière)

Launch of CinEd, a new European cinema education programme

CinEd, a new educational programme about European cinema and led by the Institut français in Paris, France, has launched. This European project is one of the new initiatives to be funded through Creative Europe's MEDIA sub-programme Audience Development scheme this year. 

CinEd brings together partners from six other countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic) and aims to make it possible for a larger number of young people to encounter the diversity of European cinema whilst developing their ability to carry out critical analysis and increase their knowledge of cinematographic terms and techniques. The programme makes contemporary and heritage films from the participating countries available across Europe, subtitled in English as well as the seven languages of the project. Starting in September for a one-year experimental phase, a total of twelve films will be put online during this period.

Adapted to suit the diversity of the young European public, the selection will include films along with learning resources for primary, secondary and higher education, which can be used both within and outside of educational settings. A section dedication to training instructors is also included.

Photo: Kirikou and the Sorceress (Kirikou et la sorcière) by Michel Ocelot is one of the 28 films in the French cinema education programme.