The Invisible Boy wins EFA Young Audience Award

The Invisible Boy wins EFA Young Audience Award

The 2015 EFA Young Audience Award has been decided, with young film lovers from across Europe voting for The Invisible Boy by Gabriele Salvatores. 

Participants aged 12-14 from across 25 European cities watched the three nominated films on Young Audience Film Day (3 May 2015) before discussing them and choosing their favourite. The results were then reported via video conference to Germany with the awards ceremony being streamed live on-line. 

EFA Director Marion Döring presented the award to screenwriter Stefano Sardo who said: ‘Thank you so much, this was unexpected! We made a film for kids and we’re so happy that they like it!’

The fourth edition of the EFA Young Audience Award included two other nominees; Sanna Lenken’s My Skinny Sister and Mark Noonan’s You’re Ugly Too. 

There were a record number of participating cities this year, from Aalborg in Denmark to Zagreb in Croatia, with the British Film Institute participating in the UK.

For those that missed the event, the ceremony is now available to watch online. 

The award is organised and presented by the European Film Academy and EFA Productions, with the support of the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM).

Pictured: The Invisible Boy director Gabriele Salvatores receives his trophy.