International Co-Production Funds: 2019 deadlines

Creative Europe currently supports five different funds through its International Co-production Funds scheme. The support enables the funds to expand their activities and encourage more co-productions between producers in Europe and the rest of the world. Each supported fund has its own objectives, eligibility criteria and application procedure and interested producers should apply directly to the organisation that manages the fund.

IDFA Bertha Fund Europe

Deadline: 1 April 2019

  • IBF Europe caters to documentary projects in all stages of production that have a director from a country on the IBF Europe country list ahd that are realised through international co-productions between at least one European and one non-European producer.
  • The maximum contribution per project is €40,000.
  • The application has to be submitted by the European co-producer and should involve a creative element (i.e. a key crew member or post-production service) from Europe.

Previous projects/recipientsUkrainian Sheriffs, Sonita, Freedom Fields

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HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support

Deadline: 1 April 2019

  • HBF+Europe offers minority co-production support to European producers participating in high-quality feature films by talented filmmakers from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe. 
  • The scheme has a special spotlight on first and second feature films, but is also open to films by filmmakers more advanced in their career.
  • The funding is designed for international co-productions, in which at least one European and one non-European producer is involved. 
  • The maximum amount awarded per project €50,000. 

Previous projects/recipientsMonos, The Day I Lost My Shadow, I Am Not a Witch, The Wound

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ACM Distribution

Deadline: 5 April 2019

  • Designed to support the promotion and distribution of films co-produced with a non-European country, since its creation in 2015, the scheme has supported 35 films and their distribution in 49 different territorities, both within and beyond Europe. 
  • ACM Distribution is open to all co-productions between a MEDIA and non-MEDIA country, respecting the % rules. The MEDIA co-producer's contribution must be between 20% and 70% for all feature films.
  • The grant level cannot outreach €60,000 per project. 

Previous projects/recipients: Rafiki, The Heiresses, Birds of Passage, A Fantastic Woman, Wajib, Neruda, Zama, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts 

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"ACM's help was very important to support the marketing and release expenses of our distributors. For example in the US the support generated additional visibility to the Oscars campaign. In several European countries, the grant encouraged a stronger social media campaign and enabled them to reach a younger audience. With arthouse films, distributors are very careful about possible support and it provides strong encouragement for their acquisitions, helping them to take risks." - Hédi Zardi, CEO of LuxBox, Sales Agent to The Heiresses, France

TFL Audience Design Fund

Deadline: June 2019 (TBC)

  • The TFL Audience Design Fund is aimed at supporting innovative audience engagement and outreach strategies designed specifically to accompany the release of each selected project.
  • As well as financial support, the Audience Design Fund grants consultations with TFL experts to aid with the implementation of promotional strategies.
  • The applicant must be a producer or a sales agent established in one of the countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme.
  • The co-producers coming from countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme must have a share of minimum 25% in the project and cannot exceed 70%. 

Previous projects/recipientsThe Wound, Birds of Passage, A Land Imagined, Tel Aviv on Fire 

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"Our original motivation to apply for the TFL Audience Design Fund was first and foremost an economical one as we went into production underfinanced, so there was zero marketing and distribution budget. But above and beyond that, knowing the professional level of training at TorinoFilmLab already being a part of the TFL family through FeatureLab we saw the knowledge and expertise and access as big motivators to apply...The consultancy played a pivotal role in preparing us to deal with the success of the film, as well as the heat we went under as makers of this film. It helped us to focus and agree our positioning, locally, internationally, what would be game changer scenarios and work strategically towards them." - Elias Ribiero, producer, The Wound

World Cinema Fund Europe

Deadline: Feb 2020 (TBC)

  • WCF Europe supports the realisation of films (feature-length fiction films and creative documentaries) from the eligible regions/countries (must be co-produced with a European partner coming from one of the countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme) and should be at a very advanced stage at the time of applying, preferably ready to go into production within three months of the jury’s funding decision. 
  • Projects eligible for funding should deal with the cultural identity of their regions/countries and should contribute to the development of the respective local film industry.

Previous projects/recipientsCemetery of Splendour, The Heiresses, I Am Not a Witch, Rafiki, The Wound (production funding), Caramel, Embrace of the Serpent, A Separation (distribution funding)

“The WCF’s value as an organisation just can’t be underestimated, both financially and in terms of the support it provides; particularly when it comes to us independent distributors. Along with us distributors, the funding provided by the WCF paves the only way to a respectable theatrical release in Germany for many non-European arthouse films.”  -Torsten Frehse, Distributor, Neue Visionen, Germany

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