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The Impact of Creative Europe in Northern Ireland Report

A new report has been published by Creative Europe Desk UK which explores the Impact of Creative Europe in Northern Ireland from 2014-20, as the EU's Creative Europe programme concluded on 31 December 2020.

This report highlights Creative Europe impacts in Northern Ireland and supplements the publication The Impact of Creative Europe in the UK, a report by SQW with the support of Creative Europe Desk UK. The NI report features a compendium of all the projects funded and documents the legacy of the programme in Northern Ireland. It has been compiled by the Creative Europe Desk Northern Ireland Manager with contributions from programme stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Creative Europe’s MEDIA and Culture subprogrammes supported European and international projects in the creative, cultural and audiovisual sectors with the potential to travel and reach new audiences, build partnerships and collaboration between professionals in different member states, and share skills. 

Highlights from the Northern Ireland Impacts Report include:

  • 15 organisations directly received Creative Europe (2014 – 2020) funding in Northern Ireland totalling €1,927,707.
  • Projects in Northern Ireland partnered with organisations operating out of 20 out of the 41 participating countries in the Creative Europe programme:  Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and UK (England).
  • €1,207,523 was awarded to Northern Irish companies and organisations through MEDIA.
  • €720,184 was awarded to Northern Irish companies and organisations through Culture.
  • 3% of MEDIA grants awarded to the UK went to Northern Irish organisations.
  • 3.3% of Culture Cooperation Projects the UK have been involved in included a Northern Ireland partner.

As well as fifteen Northern Ireland-based organisations that recieved direct grants, many other organisations and artists have benefited from the Creative Europe programme, for example Beat Carnival (Belfast) as a Network member, and individual screen professionals who have recieved funding to attend training and markets. 

The report also features comments from Creative Europe beneficiaries in Northern Ireland:

"Creative Europe has allowed us to try new approaches and access knowledge that we would otherwise find much more difficult. The knowledge that we have gained from these projects will help to inform our work for years to come." -  John Peto, Director of Education, Nerve Centre

"It has proved a transformative experience for those artists whose work has excelled as a result and who continue to connect with international projects and artists bringing diverse work back to Northern Ireland. Projects of this nature which allow for collaboration, the making of new work and artists mobility across Europe cannot be over-valued." - Sonya Whitefield, Development Officer, ACNI

"Creative Europe funding gave our small business creative freedom to explore ideas and development." – Kevin Beimers, Director, Italic Pig

In total from 2014-2020, €1.46 billion was made available by Creative Europe to support European cultural, creative and audiovisual projects with the potential to travel, reach new audiences and encourage skills sharing and development.

While the UK is not seeking to participate in the EU’s future Creative Europe programme (2021-27), due to launch in spring 2021, existing projects will continue to receive funding until completion. It is expected that UK professionals will continue to be able to participate in a number of MEDIA training courses, and in some future Culture funding calls as Third Country ‘associate partners’ until 2027.

Read the full NI report on our website (PDF) to find out more.

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Image credits: Top right: Prime Cut Production shot from Prime Cut’s; Removed, credit Ciaran Bagnall; Bottom left: Cyr Wheel performer, Mr Dyvinetz, at Festival of Fools in Belfast. Image Credit: Simon Hutchinson; Bottom right: Still from the development of Italic Pig’s Quest Quest: The Quest for Quests.