IETM unveils new mapping study of impact research in performing arts

IETM, an international network for contemporary performing arts, has launched a new publication which maps the types of impact research in the performing arts sector over the past decade. 

This study, which is free to download from the IETM website, brings together the existing models to measure the impact of the performing arts and outlines a collection of the 50 most significant existing models developed between 2005 and 2015.

The publication has been commissioned and coordinated by IETM in response to the increasing demand for ‘numbers’ and statistical evidence of the impacts of organisations within this challenging economic climate. Whist this quantitative data reflects some of the influence of the arts, measuring the qualitative impact of the arts on well-being, critical thinking, community development or social cohesion that are much more challenging. 

IETM is supported by Creative Europe through the European Networks funding strand. The network unites more than 500 member organisations from around 50 countries, including companies, independent producers, venues, festivals, public agencies and institutions.