ICO seminar to highlight film festivals as a route to economic and cultural capital

At the Venice Film Market on 4 September 2015 (2:30PM - 4:30PM), the Independent Cinema Office (ICO) hosts the Film Festival Symposium, supported by the MEDIA sub-programme. 

Open to senior executives from film festivals, exhibition, distribution and sales agencies, the discussion will bring to light how successful film festivals can work with their host cities to drive economic growth, build cultural capital, increase their economic stability and boost their brand appeal. 

Many of the world's major festivals – Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto, for example – are synonymous with the city in which they take place. ICO Director Catharine Des Forges will be in discussion with speakers from Venice, Sarajevo and Midnight Sun film festivals, asking questions such as:

  • How can a festival leverage its brand with the corporate, cultural and local government partners that power a local economy?
  • How can you make an effective case to show how your festival boosts income, cultural credibility and international visibility for your city?

To attend, contact the ICO or follow the symposium via their Twitter updates.